AccelDirect is a customer portal, enabled with artificial intelligence. A unique feature of AccelDirect is that apart from using a website that can be rigid, the customer can also interact with an artificially intelligent bot, along with an option to switch to a human agent if necessary. This bot enables a more flexible interaction and has the capability of handling complex business logic/workflows like buying an insurance policy, policy servicing, etc. Additionally, a back-end team can cross-sell to the customer, remotely, by sending them a link.


  • AI-based Chatbot - Available on a widget that can handle anything from simple queries to complex business logic like buying an insurance policy. The customer also has an option to switch and chat with a human agent.

  • Automated Underwriting - NUGGETTM is a rule engine which can be deployed at the back-end as an automated underwriting solution. Insurers themselves can very easily configure their own underwriting rules in the NUGGETTM. Upon underwriting, NUGGETTM provides instant recommendations.

  • Product Set-up - It provides a customized user interface (UI) as per the requirements. The required back-end infrastructure, including setup of UI, product configuration for benefit illustration, reflexive questionnaires and defined output templates are all built into the system.

  • FREDTM - It is an Enterprise Middleware which has a capability to interface with an insurance company’s core system (PAS) or any other systems that are being used for processing. It also has the ability to interface with multiple gateways.

  • Document Upload and Tagging - AccelDirect has a provision to upload documents and check their relevance by electronically tagging them.

  • Assisted Buying - The back-end team can cross-sell by consulting remotely. A link is sent and appropriate product solutions are recommended. On filling the needed information, the customers can easily generate a proposal online.



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Phone Number

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